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Hola, amigos! My name is Sergio. I live in city Zheleznogorsk. Some time back to me was possible to visit on Cuba and this country was for ever remembered to me though I still was on Jamaica and Spain.
    If to overlook about a policy  Cuba to the right can be named a pearl of the Caribbean region. And it is valid, what can be more beautiful than the shrill - dark blue sky, the turquoise sea, boundless snow-white beaches and fine Cuban women? And not casually each person who has visited on this fine island aspires there again and again. For sceptics and who never was on Cuba it would be desirable to give of word Colombo which he has made when for the first time has entered on the ground of Cuba:

" I was never more fine than anything in the life saw! "
I was on Cuba in 1997 in July. Was in Habana, city of Trinidad, Varadero and also went on Cuba. I shall be glad to communicate with personas which too were on Cuba and count these days one of the best in the life. I shall be especially glad to receive letters from inhabitants of Cuba or the Cubans living behind borders of Cuba. Write to the following address in English:

My site: <A  Href="" target="_blank"></A>

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